Subtitling: An Opportunity for Broadcasters

Embracing Timed-Text Services ensures Nothing’s Lost in Translation

FKT Magazin 1-2/2019
Production & Post

The article investigates the challenges and technological breakthroughs in subtitling and why it plays such a critical part in the broadcast industry.

As subtitles provide so much value to the industry, and not limited to just the hearing-impaired or as  translation devices for foreign films, why is it that somany broadcasters and OTT providers are missing a trick  by not taking up this obvious revenue-boosting opportunity in front of them? They could be using subtitles to their advantage to reach a much wider audience and extend their services to be made more accessible to an even larger customer-base.

In a world that’s increasingly inter-connected on every level from work to entertainment,  subtitles or “timed-text services” have become an indispensable and invaluable commodity. Following recent government legislation enforcing broadcasters to deliver subtitling services to linear TV, OTT, and online channels, the pressure’s on to migrate to time-efficient, cost-effective timed-text technologies. The digital age of livestreaming, YouTube and otherOTT platforms is placing increasing demand for immediate  timed-text services to be delivered with high levels of speed and accuracy, combined with cultural and lingual competence to ensure clear communication gets conveyed.


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