The benefits of bionic, video distribution monitoring

A whitepaper by Gabor Molnar PhD, Evangelist, Video Services & Science, Divitel B.V

FKT Magazin 7/2021
Codecs and Standards
Virtual Production
Technologien & Lösungen

Due to the dynamic and complicated nature of the video distribution process, it is becoming increasingly challenging for digital video and TV service providers to ensure a low failure, high-quality viewing experience. This paper describes a new, successful approach that provides real-time monitoring capabilities for the video distribution domain. These capabilities transform management and maintenance into a maximum efficiency, low-cost bionic process, where engineers’ continuous optimization and improvement efforts are supported and empowered by a combination of processes, technology, and automation. Human insights are coded into workflows which generate views, dashboards and alarms to detect video content delivery failures and their root causes accurately and efficiently.  

In March 2021, OMDIA and Digital TV Europe investigated the market’s status quo concerning digital video distribution operations in the form of an online survey amongst 100 industry executives . Results show that to safeguard ARPU and profitability, firms are in desperate need to find ways to lower the Total Cost of Ownership and increase operational productivity while achieving premium Quality of Experience. More specifically, for most operations, the cost of operating and optimizing legacy investments to modernize and meet viewers’ high expectations is growing to unsustainable levels. In addition, it is important to mention that for carriers of live TV specifically, lowering the TCO is becoming of increased importance, considering growing costs of content rights. Today, many video and TV providers rely on customer service and social media channels to hear from consumers where the biggest quality problems are. In most cases, the helpdesk goes through a script that in many cases ends with service engineer roll outs or hardware replacements without even knowing if these will even work. This results in increasing and often unnecessary costs of technician dispatches and customer service. Additionally, operations teams usually work based on assumptions and cause more problems with each fix they try to implement. This needs to change as it generates terribly high costs, not to mention the negative impact this approach has on brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and churn..... 


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