3D analysis tool for sports: Vizrt announces Viz Libero 8.1

Products and Solutions

3D camera-to-camera flights are a favorite tool of sports producers, enabling hyper-realistic virtual moves taking audiences beyond the possible to deliver multiple viewpoints and angles that fully immerse them in the action. Using artificial intelligence to remove the time-consuming manual task of identifying and masking players to generate object cut-outs, Viz AI enables the creation of 3D Flights in a fraction of the time. With the algorithms taking over most manual steps from the operator, stunning content can be automatically created again and again – even when time is scarce.  

The new Viz Libero AR Player extends Viz Libero's studio capabilities to quickly and easily render in augmented reality a player – or any other object – to extend the storytelling. Producers can highlight players in an actual match situation and extract and place them in the studio next to the presenter, together with stats and data to deliver more details to fans as the action unfolds.

Viz Libero has been certified as a cloud solution and will be available soon via Viz Now, Vizrt's cloud deployment solution. The automated Viz Now on-demand platform provides end-to-end, templated, and pre-configured live production capacity in the cloud, deployable in minutes. With powerful production tools available at the click of a button, this solution adds flexibility and the ability to maintain the highest level of production quality, while maintaining tight resource control.  

Viz Libero by Viz Now can be spun up as a simple, file based only workflow. For those that want to make productions truly epic, the power of NDI extends Viz Libero's storytelling options further, bringing billions of IP sources to the mix. NDI live ingest and output through 3Play, a turnkey sports video production solution, gives sports storytellers the creative control to attract new fans, bigger audiences, and more sponsors at a cost that puts replay in reach. Better yet, it’s all part of the cloud certified solution.