Andrew Cross new Chief Executive Officer at Grass Valley


As CEO of Grass Valley, Cross will lead the company through the next phase to power the digital transformation of its customers and support them as they transition to the future of media and entertainment through IP, software, and cloud-based technologies.

Cross will lead the Grass Valley team as it realizes its GV Media Universe (GVMU) vision. The GVMU is a digitally connected community that enables media companies to combine on-premise, hybrid and public cloud technologies to build live production environments while adapting to future demands.

By making GVMU open to others, the goal is to help accelerate the next major industry transition for all vendors. Cross brings a wealth of real-life experience to the task. While at NewTek, he led the company to pioneer the use of software-based video technologies to build the first real-time integrated live production systems. This created a new generation of live video production and fuelled the internet live streaming revolution, allowing corporations, education, government, web-streamers and houses of worship to deliver video to their audience. Cross went on to drive the creation of NDI which has become the largest IP video standard for live video production, in use by thousands of companies and hundreds of millions of users.