Ateme enables VOD-to-live and personalized channels

Cloud-native, containerized solution

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With on-the-fly stream-origination capabilities, this upgrade to NEA – which already allows dynamic ad insertion into a live stream for targeted advertising – now makes it possible for VOD files to be scheduled, effectively creating a new way to deliver linear streams.

The NEA channel origination solution is a cloud-native, containerized solution, following a micro-services approach designed to run in the cloud, on-premise or via a hybrid model.  It is scalable from national feeds through to personalized individual viewer experiences.

Moreover, the solution allows for a single workflow, enabling a ‘Content Lego’ servicing to be adopted for both VOD and linear content, removing the complexity of two distinct workflows. Combined with the micro-services approach, this brings reduced infrastructure and CPU requirements when compared to traditional playout technology – meaning both reduced costs and a lower carbon footprint.