Ateme Includes Content Protection with BISS-CA

Products and Solutions
Ateme has made the BISS-CA standard for content protection accessible within all Ateme products and solutions. As a co-developer of the BISS-CA standard, Ateme strives to facilitate industry adoption by offering the solution for free.

A scrambling protocol co-developed with the European Broadcasting Union and Eurovision Services, Basic Interoperable Scrambling System Conditional Access (BISS-CA) offers open, conditional access and gives users a transparent, traceable, and vendor-agnostic contribution and primary distribution scrambling system. BISS-CA is secure thanks to its encryption with rolling keys. As a standard, it is interoperable across encoders, transcoders, multiplexers, and decoders. It is also scalable and simple to operate, using public keys to manage assets. Ateme incorporates BISS-CA into its KYRION, TITAN, and PILOT solutions.

Ateme is driven to help content owners fight back against the piracy of live sports streams. Since the introduction of BISS-CA in 2018, Ateme has successfully employed the standard and enhanced its benefits. For example, by adding watermarking solutions from different data security providers, with direct control through BISS-CA, Ateme has transformed channel protection into a full anti-piracy solution, with assets removal when a leak is detected. Adding BISS-CA audio mode also increases the granularity of asset management, enabling separate encryption of each data channel. This makes it possible to isolate audio or specific data and transfer it securely to dedicated receivers.