Ateme launches green delivery solution for video service providers

Reduction of hardware requirements, bandwidth usage, and energy consumption

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Bringing together various carbon-efficient components into an integrated whole, the Green Delivery solution brings further optimizations to reduce hardware requirements, bandwidth usage, and energy consumption. These include software optimizations for higher-density compression, reduced packaging, and more efficient multiplexing; efficient resource allocation; sharing of hardware resources across applications; and sharing of workflows across services. They also include an elastic CDN to eliminate the need to build over-capacity.

"There is growing recognition in the industry of the importance of embracing environmental goals to contribute to reducing climate change,” said Joseph Soueidi, Chief Operations Officer of Ateme. “Several operators across the globe have already seen significant improvements in this area by using our Green Delivery solution, with energy consumption being reduced by 66% compared to the 2018 market average. With the official launch of the solution, we look forward to helping more operators reach their sustainability goals, while also reducing their costs through a more efficient platform.”