Ateme to present its “Future Zone” at IBC 2022

Cloud gaming and 3D immersive video demos

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Visitors of IBC 2022 will be able to view a demo on Cloud gaming from streaming games platform Blacknut, and one on 3D immersive video from Metaverse startup Vimmerse.

“We have never seen so much possibility in the video and entertainment industry before,” said Rémi Beaudouin, Chief Strategy Officer of Ateme. “New infrastructures such as Cloud and 5G have the potential to disrupt the way we enjoy content and expand our experiences with gaming, the Metaverse, and more. With Ateme Future Zone, we hope to explore some of these possibilities and get a glimpse of where our industry could go next.”

“With people now used to the anywhere/anytime/any screen video experience, the younger generation is expecting the same for gaming,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO of Blacknut. “Meanwhile, the Cloud and advanced video coding technologies have made this possible, allowing instant access to hundreds of games on any screen. I’m thrilled, thanks to Ateme, to be able to showcase Blacknut Cloud Gaming solutions in IBC.”

“Video has so far been a pretty passive experience,” said Jill Boyce, CEO of Vimmerse. “The Metaverse brings a whole new dimension, with viewers being part of the action. We’re excited that thanks to Ateme, we can show at IBC what Vimmerse is doing to give viewers control of their immersive video experience.”