Belgium’s cable operator Telenet to rely on AI-based Image Distillery solution

Enhanced UX via engaging per-show imagery

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Telenet has implemented the Image Distillery solution to improve the TV browsing and content discovery experience for its 1.8 million cable TV subscribers. The technology is now live, as part of a new multi-year agreement with Media Distillery, and is enhancing UX across 20 full-time (24-hour) channels. Image Distillery uses AI to dynamically and automatically generate 3,000 appealing and informative still images every day for Telenet, representing any broadcast TV programme, for display within the service’s UI. High-quality, attractive representational UI imagery leads to better subscriber engagement and satisfaction.

The system captures images from any live broadcast feed, processes and optimises them, and creates well-composed screenshots that depict each programme in the most visually attractive way possible.

Scalability and nimbleness are major benefits of Image Distillery. There is no limit to the quantity of images that can be generated, and they are created in real-time, while the programme is still running.

For each show, the AI-enabled Image Distillery solution captures several candidate images, and automatically strips out blank spaces as well as subtitles and graphics which might interfere with onscreen channel logos. It then resizes and crops the stills to create images likely to appeal to the viewer, with eye-catching and informative representations which illustrate the programme, episode by episode.

The system evaluates and ranks the candidate images for each show based on pre-set quality criteria; it then automatically selects the best one and the operator can immediately utilise it in the UI, even during the show’s transmission. The solution ensures the image chosen to be displayed in the UI is crisp and blur-free, that the actors’/presenters’ eyes are open, and the characters’ positioning in-frame is aesthetically pleasing.