Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League to rely on Riedel Intercom system

Riedel Communications is partnering with broadcast solutions and service provider EMG to enable clear, reliable communications between Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League referees, their assistants on the football pitch, and the video assistant referees working remotely at the VAR Replay Centre at Proximus Basecamp, home to the Royal Belgian Football Association (RBFA).

Together, Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom and Artist digital matrix intercom systems support RBFA referee teams in all the Jupiler Pro League stadiums and in the VAR Replay Centre to ensure flawless communications as calls are made and reviewed. The Riedel solution connects the VAR Replay Centre at the Proximus Basecamp, located 25 km south of Brussels in the small town of Tubize, with all Jupiler Pro League stadiums across Belgium. Signals moving between different stadiums and the VAR Replay Centre travel over the Proximus MPLS network, which is designed for premium sports and events — not only for VAR, but also for remote production of Jupiler Pro League competitions.

Riedel supplied all the stadium kits, each equipped with Bolero-S stand-alone wireless intercom systems including antennas, beltpacks, and run headsets for referees working on the pitch. At the VAR Replay Centre, five VAR desks/stations, plus one spare and a supervisor desk are equipped with Riedel’s Artist 1024 intercom system with 1216 intercom panels that support overlapping matches (in parallel) per match day. Over the last two match days of the regular league competition, the system is expanded with flight packs to support up to nine concurrent matches.


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