Cloud-based editing: TVU Networks partners with Vimond

Vimond IO to access live video streams in TVU ecosystem

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With real-time access to live video, Vimond IO editors do not have to wait for ENG crews to return from the field or offload footage to a server to begin editing. TVU integration provides editors with the same immediacy as the other TVU applications.
The TVU MediaMind platform, for example, enriches live sources with indexed and searchable transcripts in multiple languages. If a Vimond IO editor is producing a package on forest fires, they can create an alert that finds live footage of a forest fire from authorized sources. (Secure access to live streams and archived materials is granted through credentials.) Plus, the editor can use MediaMind’s AI-driven metadata to find other forest fire footage in the archives, or expand the search to include other parameters.

Vimond IO is a browser-based video editing and publishing tool that runs in the cloud. News and sports organizations can ingest video from live streams and file-based footage directly to Vimond IO, then publish to multiple social media and content management systems using the market`s fastest rendering engine, which reduces time to air. The content can also be sent to the TVU Producer to be included in a multi-camera live production. With Vimond IO’s streamlined, professional interface, remote workers can finish sequences with custom graphics, audio enhancements, and more.
Users can access TVU streams from the live component of the Vimond IO user interface. Video streams can be linear channels from regular sources, archived content, ad hoc event coverage, or even footage from ENG crews. Vimond IO offers frame-accurate navigation, so an editor can mark in and out points before creating a clip. Editors can also add metadata (title, description, tags, etc.).