"Cloud Economics": MOG announces new webinar series

Cloud Solutions

To dig deeper into this subject, we sought to gather all this feedback, and break down the real costs associated with the Cloud Production Infrastructures in use today, with demands highly aggravated by the pandemic, and explore how emerging technologies from key players on the market are aiming to solve the massive associated costs by making this reality accessible to everyone."

The webinar series will cover topics like:

  • Digging deeper into what are the real challenges behind  the remote production effort;
  • Breaking down different sized production costs;
  • Calculating the real costs you’ll face with a migration vs your current costs;
  • Understanding how to dismantle complex remote production infrastructures;
  • Explore the new innovative technologies that are significantly reducing those numbers by a factor of 2.5, or even more.

Cloud Economics – Breaking Down production and Distribution Costs is available to everyone. The series will take place from October 11 to October 13, and visitors can choose from different timeslots to better fit their schedule.