Deutsche Welle relies on LTN IP distribution solution


DW leverages LTN’s multicast-enabled, low latency network for both full-time and occasional transport. The LTN Network enables the broadcaster to create scalable, customized, and interoperable workflows that connect with existing hardware and software infrastructure. LTN connectivity capabilities package up popular standards and protocols with LTN connectors. LTN connectors are a forward-looking, open, and agnostic mechanism that allows major industry leaders like DW to harness the benefits of the LTN Network, including unlimited point-to-point and point-to-multipoint destinations.

DW selected LTN Transport as its multicast management network to utilize more complex broadcast workflows through a single platform. Content can be acquired in a single format and subsequently delivered in various formats to platforms and protocols as needed. DW benefits from flexible distribution at a moment’s notice, as LTN’s tech-agnostic solution enables media partners to manage bidirectional streams with multicast capabilities from day one. As a result, DW is able to harness instant operability with existing content exchange workflows and realize the full lifetime value of existing protocols while upgrading to terrestrial IP distribution.