EBU Workshop Explores the Potential of Virtual Production

Virtual Production
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Virtual production is clearly not going to be used in every production. It requires a lot of pre-planning to work best but can then unleash powerful storytelling as well as enabling multifunctional studios. A recent EBU workshop on virtual production with LED walls provided a learning experience for the participants, some of whom experienced this type of set-up for the first time.

This hands-on workshop was organized by the EBU’s LED Virtual Production group in collaboration with display solutions provider Leyard and supported by key industry partners*. Participants came from BBC (UK), BR (Germany), Rai (Italy), RTVE (Spain), SWR (Germany) and Yle (Finland).

The goal was to better understand the workflows, complexity, benefits and challenges of using LED volume walls – the term used for systems of linked high-end LED panels – for typical television programmes. Two specific scenarios were tested: news/sport and entertainment.

The first scenario was specifically designed to enable a better understanding of the use of virtual production technology, especially AR (augmented reality) elements and set extensions. It was also chosen to experiment with multi-camera operation and to evaluate the feasibility of using PTZ cameras with LED backgrounds.

The entertainment scenario tested the level of hyperrealism that can be achieved when movement or dynamic tracking is involved. In this scenario, the use of LED panels as flexible light sources was also tested.



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