Free software update broadens AJA Mini-Converter functionality

AJA Advances Mini-Converter Line with Mini-Config v2.26.3

Products and Solutions

AJA Mini-Config v2.26.3 highlights include:

  • Basic HDR metadata pass-through and optional override functionality for Hi5-12G, Hi5-4K-Plus, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, 4K2HD and 12GM, plus new HDMI HDR Infoframe generation for 4K2HD, simplifying HDR pipelines and offering more consistent results
  • Hi5-12G, HA5-12G, HA5-4K, and Hi5-4K Plus support for BT.2020 color space
  • An enhanced Mini-Config GUI to show HDR input and output status, and an HDR metadata override tab in Mini-Config
  • Dual-link capabilities for 12GM, including 2x1.5G, 2x3G, 2x6G for inputs and outputs, and HA5-4K, including 2x1.5G output
  • Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus audio pass-through support for Hi5-12G and Hi5-4K Plus
  • Compatible with macOS and Windows

AJA Mini-Config v2.26.3 is available as a free download from AJA’s support page.