Graphic overlays: launches new customisable templates

Products and Solutions

Each UNO template is designed for a specified type of graphic. For example, UNO offers a soccer scorebug -  a digital on-screen graphic which is displayed over the video during a live broadcast to show the game time and score during a broadcast of a sporting event. A countdown clock UNO template is also available. will be releasing the offering to other sports graphics in the coming weeks.

UNO templates’ dynamic mobile-friendly interfaces enable anyone to flexibly control overlays from any type of mobile device. It’s also a straightforward and quick process to dock the UNO interface into OBS video streaming software - and output high-quality graphics to the audience in a few minutes.  UNO is also compatible with commonly used streaming hardware, such as the Elgato Streamdeck. Thanks to dedicated APIs, UNO templates allow Singular overlays to be controlled via a Streamdeck at the touch of a button.  

Continuing to champion the democratisation of broadcast graphics, will offer UNO templates without a watermark until 2022 - in exchange for feedback and thoughts on what UNO templates should come next.  Please take our brief UNO survey here.