Grass Valley and Broadcast Solutions sign US$31 million deal

New competence center in Helsinki planned

The deal underlines Grass Valley’s mission to be the digital transformation partner of choice for the world’s leading creators and providers of premium live content. As part of its commitment to be at the cutting edge of cloud-based technologies, Broadcast Solutions Group’s Nordic Team will establish a new competence center in Helsinki based on Grass Valley’s Agile Media Processing Platform (AMPP) and build scalable Live Production Solutions.

The companies are also working on the Grass Valley edition of IP OB Vans, known collectively as Streamline. These trucks support 12-24 camera set ups and will be ready next year. With its Streamline series, Broadcast Solutions Group has transformed the manufacturing of an OB van from a highly complex and planning intensive project to a nearly “off-the-shelf” product.

Grass Valley and Broadcast Solutions have had a close partnership across a range of projects over the past eight years, including kitting out Studio Berlin’s U9 and U10 truck, which capture content for The Voice of Germany; first and second League Bundesliga matches for SportCast; and several political talk shows.