Grass Valley announces native NDI integration into AMPP

Routing, live, ingest, asset management, editing and playout

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With native integration of NDI into the AMPP infrastructure, it is now possible to route an almost unlimited number of signals anywhere in the world. The integration means AMPP provides support for full graph-based signal flow manipulation, including provision for signal telemetry, routing, multi-viewers, and remote callers.

NDI into AMPP can be used natively with all AMPP applications, including the Live Producer, Master Control Switcher and the full K-Frame production system. Audio mixing replay and full ingest capabilities are fully integrated into a single platform. Users have complete management of NDI assets with a workflow solution for scheduling, voice-over, AI and even an integrated quick-cut editor.

AMPP with NDI also integrates into Adobe Premiere, with support for growing files, and Playout support of almost all media onto NDI streams is also provided. Full integration with ST2110, SRT and SDI with end-to-end ancillary data and closed caption support is included. Having NDI integration into all major remote calling applications including, Zoom Rooms, Microsoft Skype and Microsoft Teams, allows media companies to have remote callers directly into any AMPP powered production.