Haivision announced the release of SRT 1.5 at IBC 2022

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The latest member of the SRT Alliance, Canon, will leverage SRT to enhance the interoperability of its video broadcast equipment, devices, and cloud services, which are widely used for streaming and live broadcasting, and make content distribution more convenient for its customers.

Originally developed by Haivision, SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is an Emmy award-winning open-source video transport protocol that optimizes real-time streaming across unpredictable networks. The new features implemented in SRT 1.5 are designed to enhance the transport of live video over the public internet and improve decentralized workflows for broadcast production, remote contribution, and content distribution.

New features and improvements in SRT 1.5 include:

  • Connection Bonding bringing hitless failover technology to the SRT protocol, increasing the reliability of a live video stream by routing it over more than one network path, and preventing disruption in the event of network failure.
  • New Implementation of the Receiver Buffer for improved memory management and packet reading. The enhanced implementation also improves latency management and the handling of drop requests, providing even greater reliability when streaming over any network.
  • Packet Pacing and Live Congestion Control Improvements for prioritizing the order of sent packets in order to help avoid congestion if there are changes to the source bitrate or significant network bandwidth fluctuations.