Hamburg Open 2023: Playbox Neo to show new Multi Playout Manager and Neo Suite

At Hamburg Open 2023, Playbox Neo will showcase its new Multi Playout Manager and the unified PlayBox Neo Suite which includes Capture Suite and Media Gateway.

Capture Suite gives ingest staff the resources they need to handle multiple incoming content feeds quickly and easily. Tasks such as input selection, ingest presets, file-naming rules, assignments and auto-transfer can be performed from a single graphic interface. Capture Suite also provides audio loudness monitoring as well as manual, scheduled and compliance ingest modes with automated input switching.  Content can be edited before the ingest process completes, with obvious advantages for time-critical news channels. MXF and transport stream files are available for immediate playout via AirBox Neo-20 automation, again without having to wait for the ingest process to complete.

Media Gateway is designed to elevate playout routing and distribution to a new level of versatility and affordability. It allows the entire process of playout routing and decoding to be handled in software. This eliminates the capital outlay, maintenance charges and power costs needed to operate hardware routers, codecs and related devices. Media Gateway can be installed on site or in the cloud. Integral software codecs allow signals to be converted between SDI, NDI, SRT, UDP and RTP. Video and audio content can be grabbed directly from a desktop screen and delivered as live feeds. A built-in multiviewer includes automated black-frame and frozen-frame alarms.

Multi Playout Manager is an industry-proven network workflow solution which enables multiple AirBox Neo-20 channels to be operated via IP from any network-connected location. Latest enhancements include an updated user interface and integrated playout preview. The revised UI matches those across the entire PlayBox Neo series. Also added are a future-playlist editor, support for custom metadata from AirBox Neo-20, and a library module for fast access to MAM. Enhancements include a new proxy generator with thumbnails.


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