HbbTV Association Calls for Speakers at 11th Symposium and Awards Event

Standards & Services
The HbbTV Association, which co-hosts the 11th HbbTV Symposium and Awards with Comunicare Digitale, an Italian association for the development of digital television, is inviting industry executives and experts to address the top-level audience as speakers in the conference programme. The event will take place on November 28-29, 2023 in Naples, Italy.

“The annual HbbTV Symposium is an excellent opportunity to meet, learn, discuss and explore the key trends of the fascinating space of interactive TV. Your thoughts on current developments, new products and services and future trends will be heard by a qualified and hungry audience! I would therefore like to encourage you to respond to the Call for Speakers and share your proposals for contributions with us,” said Vincent Grivet, Chair of the HbbTV Association.

The HbbTV Symposium 2023 on November 28 is open for speakers on the preferred topics below, particularly when supported by experiences gained from providing real-world services. Submissions on other topics can also be considered.

For the first time in HbbTV, the second day of the event will be an “unconference” format where the schedule is defined on the day by those present. Proposals for topics for which there’s no room on the first day can always be re-proposed for the “unconference”.

Preferred Topics
Reviews of HbbTV service deployments in different markets and countries; looking ahead

Using hybrid broadcast and broadband to improve viewers’ choice and experience from the perspectives of:

  • Consumers and/or consumer organisations
  • TV and other device manufacturers (e.g. supporting multiscreen services, companion/second screen)
  • Operators and Service Providers
  • Broadcasters (both public service and commercial)
  • Regulators, National governments and/or European organisations 

Targeted Advertising/Addressable TV ads and other means of monetising the hybrid approach to television:

  • Market trends and the appetite for addressable advertising including Broadcast ad substitution
  • Client-side and server-side ad substitution
  • Watermarking-based ad substitution
  • Implementations, use case examples, experiences, future developments, major challenges
  • Benefits of standards-based TA (opposed to proprietary solutions)

HbbTV Operator Application (HbbTV OpApp): 

  • Explanation, implementations, best practices, specification updates
  • New deployments 

Content Media Security, rights management, and content protection in hybrid TV services:

  • DRM issues and solutions
  • Examples, services and solutions using DRM into the HbbTV/DVB-I environment 

HbbTV and DVB-I:

  • Parity/equivalence between DVB-DASH services and broadcast services
  • DVB-I as an OpApp
  • Trials, deployment, examples 

HbbTV best practices:

  • Voice-Control and navigation with HbbTV
  • Content discovery services
  • Application development and device certification

The future for HbbTV: market trends and future directions:

  • AI
  • FAST Channels
  • Cloud services
  • The Metaverse

If you would like to speak at the HbbTV Symposium 2023, you are welcome to send us an outline of your proposed presentation through this online form by August 31, 2023. Please provide the title, an abstract (max. 200 words), a speaker's biography (max. 150 words) and a speaker's photo.