IBC 2022: Hitomi to demonstrate VIDI NMS integration

Products and Solutions

VIDI specialises in delivering powerful management of complex networks. As live event television grows in complexity, demanding multiple feeds carried over large distances and complete remote production, so the networks needed to provide secure delivery grow more intricate. Ensuring perfect synchronisation between signals, and between audio and video, is critical for success.

Hitomi MatchBox is a platform to measure live broadcast synchronisation. At the point of origination the generator creates a unique test signal on video and up to 16 audio channels, and at the destination the companion analyser measures the incoming signals and determines precisely the delays in each path.

VIDI NMS is a vendor-agnostic network management system, used for permanent and events networks worldwide. The software, with its graphical view of the network and its performance, was originally developed to support in-house contracts but is now available as a product, to provide the same advantages of simple, unified control.

As well as the Hitomi stand at IBC2022 (10.A42), the integration will also be demonstrated at VIDI, stand 2.C29