IBC 2022: Mediaproxy to show new LogServer additions

Products and Solutions

Operating entirely in software, LogServer is designed to provide reliable and highly scalable logging and monitoring of program output to meet broadcast compliance standards and regulations. It can integrate seamlessly with cloud, virtual or on-premises workflows, providing support for video, audio and real-time data from sources including 4K, HDR, 10-bit, HEVC, TSoIP, SMPTE 2110, Zixi and SRT.
LogServer has been continuously developed and upgraded in response to the changing requirements of broadcasters, streaming services and playout facility operators. Additional new features include clustering of decentralized systems on IP networks, with full cloud support as well as advanced API interfaces. These capabilities give customers fully distributed functionalities across the entire distribution chain.
Mediaproxy's ongoing development program aims to offer ever more sophisticated and flexible monitoring, which is now vitally important to the smooth and efficient running of broadcast and media services today. Because of this, users can be confident that LogServer is able to work with a wide range of distribution platforms and technologies, including Next Gen TV, IP-driven workflows and cloud migration, delivering the monitoring and logging functionality necessary to both comply with regulatory demand and deliver the quality of experience expected by viewers.