IBC2023: DFT's 8K Content Quality Demo Sheds Light on Remastering Future

Products and Solutions
At IBC2023, DFT (Digital Film Technology) will demonstrate the quality of 8K content compared to 4K content from 35mm original camera negatives, both scanned with a DFT POLAR film scanner. This demonstration offers insights into the future of 8K in the world of remastering.

The company is also introducing a new multi-format WetGate for its latest film scanner, the DFT POLAR HQ, at IBC. This new WetGate has been developed using the same proven principles as DFT's flagship Scanity HDR film scanner, allowing POLAR HQ users to achieve the same "outstanding results" when working with difficult and damaged film stocks. 

In addition, ADFT has added 9.5mm scanning to its flagship Scanity HDR. Building on the 8mm option and using the Scanity 16plus gate, this feature is scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2023. In addition to film scanning, DFT will also demonstrate its Sondor Versa audio scanner, which is capable of capturing film sound from a range of film types and formats. 

As part of the demonstration of a complete end-to-end service, DFT will also showcase the international film scanning and restoration services of its parent company Prasad, and present Cube-Tec's INSPECTIONscan product on the DFT stand.