IP contribution and distribution: Volleyball World relies on LiveU

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Volleyball is the fourth most watched sport globally and continues to grow rapidly. Volleyball World recently completed its first beach volleyball tour event of the season in Mexico, with LiveU providing a fully managed, end-to-end IP distribution service using LiveU Matrix and LiveU multi-cam LU800 field units. LiveU is supporting multiple tournaments across 2022.
LiveU Matrix is a next-gen cloud video solution allowing users to share and receive high-quality, low-latency live feeds with, and from, broadcasters and other stakeholders around the globe – inside or outside their organization.

LiveU deployed LU800s as multi-camera encoders on-site, connected via both LAN and WiFi, with cellular connectivity for backup. The company’s technology can easily switch between these networks providing tremendous, seamless resiliency. Hasson, LiveU, said, “With LiveU, you get two in one: the main and the backup via alternative network connectivity. This is in addition to the redundancy provided by using a second LU800 encoder.”

While most of the takers were already LiveU users, for those who weren’t, it was easy to quickly establish a cloud server. Indeed, during the event there were takers (broadcasters and others) who wanted a feed as the tournament progressed. LiveU also offered the ability to distribute the signal beyond broadcasters in other formats.