Live streaming: Omnilive partners with Globecast

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Omnilive is a multi-source, latency-free live streaming video solution that allows its customers to take a different, more engaging approach to streaming content creation. The Omnilive Software-as-as-Service platform delivers multimedia content and multi-camera viewpoints and lets viewers dynamically choose their viewing experience. Omnilive offers unique technology with easy micro-service integration and, combined with Globecast’s renowned level of technical expertise in reliable and agile complex transport situations, this creates a powerful partnership in the live streaming space.  

When coupled with HLS transcoding and redistribution via Globecast’s CDN services, Omnilive’s multi-camera and multi-angle broadcasting technology ensures unlimited international streaming and audience engagement. This represents a comprehensive integrated service offered by both companies and the partnership also allows customers to better understand their audience and its behaviour via metadata collection. Through this multi-camera and multi-angle technology, the user experience becomes more interactive and engaging.
This partnership has already been put to the test last July when an augmented hybrid livestream (with on-site and digital audiences) was set up at the Vienna Jazz Festival using multi-camera and multi-angle broadcasting.