Live streaming: Telestream releases Lightspeed Live C2+

Products and Solutions

Built for operators and engineers who need to stream live events or capture feeds for post-production, Lightspeed Live servers deliver enterprise-class live streaming and capture for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government agencies and educational facilities. With 4 channels of 3G HD-SDI inputs, Lightspeed Live C2+ is 30% less expensive per channel than previous generation configurations. The new server also supports UHD ingest for many formats.
Lightspeed Live Capture is an application that runs on a Lightspeed Live server for ingesting high resolution and proxy files for use in production, post-production, and broadcast workflows. It includes RS422 VTR control for automated tape ingest. Lightspeed Live Capture can operate as a standalone capture device, a multiple server capture farm or be integrated directly into a Vantage domain of any size.
To expand a system and increase the channel count, users can simply add additional Lightspeed Live Capture servers and add their services through a common database and control them via common user interfaces. “The integration of Lightspeed Live Capture servers with Vantage allows for unlimited workflow possibilities which makes the solution the most scalable, flexible and powerful media processing platform available today,” says Matics.
The Lightspeed Live Stream application delivers enterprise-class live streaming for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government agencies, and educational facilities. It can ingest multiple baseband SDI or IP video sources (MPTS, SPTS, RTMP), encode multiple variants or ABR packages, and deploy multiple sources to multiple destinations or host the origin. Lightspeed Live Stream will detect SCTE 35/104 and place an IDR (Instantaneous Decoder Refresh) frame at the boundary so that downstream equipment or server-side content replacement and ad insertion can take place seamlessly and cleanly without requiring re-encoding of the existing stream, improving quality and efficiency.