Mo-Sys to show cinematic virtual production solutions at Cine Gear

VP Pro XR LED content server, G30 Gyro-Stabilized remote camera head and Cinematic XR Focus

Virtual Production

Mo-Sys will also join Adorama to discuss the latest Virtual Production developments in a roundtable discussion. Using a mini-LED wall set-up, Mo-Sys will demonstrate how its immersive Cinematic XR Focus feature enables focus pullers to seamlessly pull focus from real objects in the foreground, beyond the physical plane of the LED wall, to  virtual objects  deep in the scene – or reverse focus pull if needed.  

Mo-Sys VP Pro XR is a solution for cinematic Virtual Production. The system is integrated with Unreal Engine and supports both live or recorded workflows, using either green/blue screen studios or LED volumes. VFX compositing is made much easier as compositors have access to additional lens data (F-stop, T-stop, and shutter angle). The Mo-Sys G30 comes in a compact, 45-degree frame, allowing it to support virtually any broadcast or digital cinematography camera rig for precise movement and stabilization.