Movistar+ Transforms Studio with Vizrt's Real-Time Graphics Solutions

Products and Solutions
Spanish sports platform Movistar+ has chosen Vizrt as its provider for real-time graphics and live production solutions, with the aim to revolutionize sports content creation and enhance audience engagement through captivating visuals. As the leading platform for sports coverage in Spain, Movistar+ commands a substantial 20% share of the country's total content broadcast.

Movistar+ has transformed its studio with compelling visual graphics, moving away from traditional television broadcasts to appeal to the younger generation's viewing habits. Harnessing Vizrt's control and graphics tools, Movistar+ combines multiple layers of storytelling, delivering visually compelling shows that encompass various sports genres, from football to car racing. To enhance production efficiency, Movistar+ utilizes Viz Multiplay, a powerful solution for controlling and playing out content on screen and video walls. Viz Multiplay helps Movistar+ to optimize efficiency, producing multiple shows using a single studio. 

Movistar+'s production setup integrates Vizrt tools into its sports workflows. This promotes consistent production and paves the way for new engagement methods, particularly targeted at the mobile-savvy younger generation.  

Recent research by Vizrt indicates that 77 per cent of sports fans find graphics crucial for enhancing on-the-go engagement. By employing Vizrt's graphics tools across linear and online platforms, Movistar+ delivers immersive visual storytelling, effectively attracting and captivating these viewers.