New audio tools: Telestream releases latest PRISM monitoring software

4K and 8K compliant 32-channel audio monitoring

Products and Solutions

Designed to be used in video engineering, operations, live acquisition and event production and post production, PRISM now supports 4K and 8K compliant 32-channel audio monitoring. For IP systems standardizing on ST-2110 or SDI workflows looking to expand into UHD, the new capabilities can be easily added to any PRISM model with no hardware modifications. A simple software license key is all that is required. Unlike competing products, PRISM is a unique software-defined monitoring instrument which can be easily updated and advanced via software.

New PRISM feature highlights include comprehensive audio support for IP environments including 2110-30 and 2110-31 with support for compressed Dolby audio. Also, it features local headphone and speaker output via IP-to-SDI conversion with 5.1 / 7.1 downmix; as well as Dolby D/D+ and Dolby E decode with Dolby status support and an integrated RTW surround display.

This software upgrade enables support for international loudness standards for worldwide regulatory compliance It has adjustable loudness monitoring threshold alarms/alerts and simultaneous metering and Lissajous display.