Panasonic launches new Kairos Core mainframes

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Panasonic Connect unveiled two next-generation Kairos Core mainframes, the AT-KC200 and AT-KC2000, as major new additions to the company's IT/IP platform "Kairos" for professional live-video production and distribution.

The unveiling took place at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show being held in Barcelona, Spain. The new mid-range AT-KC200 will be available from this June and the high-end AT-KC2000 will be available in the third quarter of CY2023.

The first generation of KAIROS mainframes, released in September 2020 and widely adopted by broadcasters and video distributors worldwide, set the standard for creative video production using IT software and IP-based remote operability. In recent years, the Internet and smart devices have diversified video-viewing options, exploding the demand for video production, including live streaming. In response, Panasonic Connect will launch two next-generation KAIROS mainframes, both fully equipped for large-scale live and complex video production and designed for compatibility with evolving IT/IP infrastructure.

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