Remote ingest: Live video recording solution includes AJA I/O technology

Woody Technologies’ IN2IT Live includes server with an AJA I/O cards

Products and Solutions

IN2IT Live is designed to handle an extensive range of live sources, from NDI and SDI streams to web streams and remote interview tools including Skype and Microsoft Teams, among others. It integrates with a diverse range of industry-standard media asset management and storage solutions and supports the most popular recording codecs and formats used by post production professionals.

Video ingest operators can access and control multiple appliances via a dedicated, intuitive web-based interface that allows them to schedule recordings and define recording parameters from virtually anywhere they have internet access. During production, IN2IT Live then receives, records, and encodes incoming video signals, with the AJA Corvid or KONA IP card powering video capture. Footage is then transferred to central storage and made instantly accessible to editors and other post production professionals. A proprietary metadata workflow ensures that when an IN2IT Live job is triggered, the content is organized and easily accessible.