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End-to-end workflows for ingest, transcoding, storage, multiviewing, monitoring, branding, playout & automation

Products and Solutions

Rohde & Schwarz's platform agnostic studio production, playout and transcoding capabilities offers broadcasters and media companies the robustness they have come to rely on from traditional broadcast workflows with the added agility of cloud technology - all with the purpose of enriching content and simplifying workflows

With a deep commitment to helping customers transition from SDI to IP to cloud in ways that meet their unique business and operational needs, Rohde & Schwarz offers a comprehensive range of solutions that deliver on-premise and/or virtualizable workflows for cloud deployment.

As well as allowing broadcasters to handle tasks such as ingest, transcoding and quality control (QC), Rohde & Schwarz provides them with the capability to rapidly spin up/spin down channels, as and when needed, thanks to seamless integration with major cloud platforms. As a result, customers can rapidly and easily test out new business models or support one-off projects.