Sony: Rufus Hack new CEO at Hawk-Eye Innovations


Rufus, who is currently serving as Chief Operating Officer, PGA European Tour and Ryder Cup, and Managing Director of PGA European Tour Productions, will succeed the Hawk-Eye CEO role from Adam Fry. He will report to Adam, who will continue as Head of Sony’s sports businesses in parallel with his current role of VP for Sony Europe BV.

At PGA European Tour and Ryder Cup, Rufus oversaw its content, production, media sales, business development, strategy, finance and legal areas of the business as COO. In his role he has led significant innovation in golf production, including the longest wire cam in golf at the 2018 Ryder Cup alongside an array of award-winning non-live content. He also oversaw the successful delivery of COVID secure operations in a financially efficient operating model and led multiple large-scale business deals with media and data organisations. Prior to joining the PGA European Tour, he was a Partner at OC&C Strategy Consultants working with media and leisure businesses as well as private equity to drive strategic growth.