Streaming solution VOD2Live launched on AWS marketplace

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As a way to create OTT linear channels, VOD2Live offers customers a faster time to market and the most flexible way to create customized TV-like experiences for viewers.
VOD2Live is based on Unified Streaming’s Unified Remix playlist technology, which enables streaming providers to bring new life to their content libraries by curating playlists that present VOD programming as live linear or FAST channels.

VOD2Live on AWS Marketplace is based on a usage model, so there is no cost if the channel is not active. Channels can be scaled up and down as necessary, making Unified Streaming’s VOD2Live solution ideal for capitalizing on market trends with niche or boutique channels, or for major events where multiple channels are required for a limited time. The flexibility does not come at the expense of quality, with Remix VOD2Live via AWS Marketplace supporting 4K, HDR streaming with advanced audio using HEVC, AV1, Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X.