TAG Video Systems and Techex Unveil Cloud Video Monitoring and Control Solution

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TAG has partnered with Techex, a cloud and IP video specialist, to deliver an advanced cloud video control, monitoring, and visualisation solution to major broadcasting and media companies. tx edge by Techex is a software gateway built to fit into Infrastructure as Code (IaC) cloud workflows.

tx edge moves video into, out and around the cloud providing leading broadcasters the tight control they require delivering their most valuable live video while also collecting data related to packet arrival times at the protocol level.  Integration into TAG’s Realtime Media Performance platform enhances tx edge’s ETR 290 and IP-level stream monitoring capabilities, offering a higher level of comprehensive content and probing visualization tools.  Together, tx edge and TAG’s Realtime Media Performance platform support and enable flexible migration between various workflows, including hybrid, fully-cloud, or fully on-premises.

This combination illustrates the benefits of interoperability by delivering an all-in-one transport, visualization, error detection, alerting, and multiviewing solution. The engine to TAG’s solution, includes their cloud-capable MultiChannel Monitoring (MCM) system enables broadcasters to visualize content flowing through tx edge instances, with continuous content-level actionable and meaningful probe monitoring of over 550 events, while reducing the complexity of managing video contribution, playout, and distribution workflows.  

Both organizations pioneer customer-centric billing models offering perpetual capex and time-based opex models designed to accommodate broadcasters’ cloud, hybrid, and on-premises requirements. TAG’s Zer0 Friction® approach to technology and licensing removes restrictions to multi-functional applications and opens the door for customers to maximize the value of their investment and deliver the highest Quality of Experience (QoE) to the consumer.

Both Techex and TAG Video Systems will be demonstrating their software at IBC 2023, with Techex on stand 3.C55 and TAG Video Systems on stand 1.C15.