Telestream announces new IQ Video Quality Monitoring Solution

"Comprehensive Ad-Insertion Monitoring for enhanced visibility"

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OTT advertising has the potential to greatly increase revenues for streaming providers, but it adds complexity to an already complicated OTT streaming workflow. When a problem occurs, diagnosing the issue is very difficult causing providers to lose millions in advertising dollars.

The IQ Video Quality Monitoring solution protects the ad business model by monitoring and auditing the ad-insertion workflow, making sure ad opportunities are present and without error. The IQ solution provides meaningful data, metrics, and alarms in real time, pinpointing where the issues are occurring in the workflow so errors can be quickly resolved before they affect the viewer. Automated alerts, simplified dashboards and analytical reports help operations teams proactively and effectively manage the ad-insert workflow.

Telestream’s IQ Monitoring Solution checks if ad frequency is dropping or meeting targets; and if ad opportunities in the linear source are available for OTT playout. It verifies that clients can reach the ad servers and that the ad plays correctly, with right format, duration, and alignment. And it affirms that the quality of the ad video, audio and captions is good.

As streaming video services rapidly increase, the IQ Monitoring Solution introduces additional enhancements to help operators scale. These include monitoring QoE of DRM encrypted streams, enhanced on-demand scheduling to monitor live and VOD services and a new lightweight ABR (Adaptive Bitrate) mode which reduces CDN monitor traffic.