Telestream's latest Lightspeed Live Capture release to support SMPTE 2110

NMOS, NDI, and SRT IP Connectivity

IP-based Production Systems
IP Workflows
Telestream announced the latest release of its Lightspeed Live Capture multi-channel on-premise ingest solution. The new version, 3.5, enables broadcast organizations to connect the live video capture software over IP networks locally or remotely using SMPTE 2110 with NMOS, NDI sources and SRT sources. The new methods augment the Transport Stream and RTMP IP formats Lightspeed Live Capture already supports.

The new connectivity methods provide reliable, low latency, frame accurate connections over common IP network implementations while preserving source synchronization. NMOS support for SMPTE ST 2110 adds a control plane that makes the infrastructure simpler to operate. The implementation comes with full support for the ISO4 and ISO5 specifications. Using the ISO4 specifications within NMOS, Lightspeed Live Capture can query for information about other devices.  
The software also registers its capabilities and discovers other devices where live capture workflows might originate. ISO5 is used by Lightspeed Live Capture to perform the setup and removal of media flows between itself and the sending device. Telestream has also enhanced segmented recording capabilities with the addition of several new methods such as time, timecode, and duration-based segmenting. Integration and support for Avid workflows have also been expanded with new metadata options in the Capture action.


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