Time synchronization: Net Insight expands partnership with Meinberg

Sync solution becomes fully PTP-standard compliant


The Precision TimeNet solution offers a GNSS-independent delivery of high accuracy timing across any IP vendor network, which can significantly reduce the cost and rollout times of 5G and other mission-critical networks.

As part of the cooperation, Net Insight has selected Meinberg’s leading PTP software stack to implement full PTP functionality in all its platforms. During last year, Meinberg also delivered a synchronization module to Net Insight’s Nimbra MSR 300 series providing full PTP IEEE1588v2 interoperability and GNSS integration for 5G networks. The new module is part of the Nimbra Time Node, an important component of the Precision TimeNet solution.

Net Insight and Meinberg have previously worked together to bring end-to-end time synchronization solutions to the market and now the cooperation is broadened. Net Insight has selected to license the PTP stack from Oregano Systems, owned by Meinberg, to deliver network synchronization for both media and 5G networks. Meinberg leverages Net Insight’s network synchronization capabilities to serve customers across the telecom, fintech, government, and power infrastructure industries. The expansion into a strategic technology partnership means that both companies will utilize their expertise in time synchronization to deploy solutions that remove the challenges of reliable precision timing over any IP networks.