Virtual production: Mo-Sys and APG Media join forces

StarTracker and VP Pro XR combined with HyperPixel

Virtual Production
Products and Solutions

The Mo-Sys StarTracker camera/lens tracking system is a technology for virtual productions. The tools in VP Pro XR content server include the ability to pull focus between real and virtual objects. By partnering with APG Media, Mo-Sys can now offer custom engineered LED tiles and a package for tailored LED volume, multi-camera production systems. 
The new Mo-Sys Refinery in Los Angeles will feature a HyperPixel high resolution LED wall, featuring ultra-tight seams for the ultimate in immersive visual experiences. APG Media will add a Mo-Sys VP Pro XR and StarTracker to the offering within its rapidly growing specialist virtual production division. The two companies will cooperate on marketing and exhibition, as well as providing support for sales channels.