Virtual Production: Pixotope Introduces New Live Controller

Virtual Production
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Pixotope, a software platform for end-to-end realtime virtual production solutions, announced its new Live Controller, an all-in-one graphics control solution for broadcast virtual production workflows. Underpinned by Unreal Engine, the Pixotope Live Controller introduces reusable no-code templates and rundown-based virtual production workflows to all broadcast control rooms in a single-user software package.

For the first time, any broadcast operation, regardless of size, can easily implement virtual production as part of its programming without bespoke engineering teams to synchronize the separate graphics pipelines needed to bring CG, AR, XR, and virtual sets together on air. 

With Live Controller, operators can use mix-and-match templates to build one-click rundowns across the entire graphics workflow. This means a single operator can control virtual studio, AR, and XR graphics side by side with CG, for an unparalleled visual experience with fewer resources. Serving as the building blocks of democratized virtual production in broadcast environments, templates make it easy to tap into the power of Unreal Engine with a workflow that is common among traditional broadcasters.   

Pixotope Live Controller is unique in that it is an intuitive and simple-to-use web-based centralized hub for all creative graphics that easily integrates with existing workflows and technology. It enables broadcasters to use templates to build playlists for individual shows, segments - and even the entire channel’s graphic workflow - out of any Unreal asset in a drag-and-drop motion in a centralized web-based dashboard. These templates can be saved in a database and reused effortlessly, allowing broadcasters to create playlists for their shows. This flexibility enables easy customization, as broadcasters can mix and match templates, overlaying different elements and achieving dynamic visuals without starting from scratch. 

Unlike traditional workflows where each graphics pipeline requires its own controller and operator, Live Controller is intuitive enough for anyone to use as long as the necessary graphics are available in the shared asset library. It effectively eliminates the need to collaborate with multiple vendors, streamlining the licensing process into a single point of contact. This simplified approach saves time, reduces complexity, and eliminates uncertainty if issues arise.