Vizrt unveils new automated deployment tool Viz Now

Products and Solutions

Viz Now makes it easy to select Vizrt and third-party broadcast software solutions needed for production, then automatically deploy them into the customer’s own Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account in under 15 minutes. Once deployed, Viz Now includes a portal for creative operators to access the deployed applications securely and easily from anywhere. Automating the deployment process saves significant IT engineering time, ensures security best practices, and means new production capacity can be created – and deleted – as and when needed significantly reducing IT costs and carbon footprint.  

This guarantees a fresh production system every time with no concerns about aging legacy environments, expensive maintenance, and the monetary and environmental cost of leaving traditional production environments running 24/7.
At launch, Viz Now supports Viz Vectar Plus for 4K switching, Viz Trio and Viz Engine for broadcast quality graphics, Viz Mosart for studio automation, Telos Infinity VIP for intercom, Harrison Mixbus VBM for audio mixing, and 3Play by Viz Now for replay and slow-motion and Viz Libero for sports analysis.
Viz Now is software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted and maintained by Vizrt, which then automatically deploys the live production tools you select into your own AWS account. In short - Vizrt manages Viz Now, and the customer operates and manages the deployed products. Viz Now is free to use for Vizrt customers with a Flexible Access subscription and currently supports the automated deployment of the Vizrt Live Production Solution and selected 3rd party products into AWS. More Vizrt and 3rd party products will be supported in future releases, as will other cloud providers.